Zentangles by Becky Evans

Becky Evans brings Doodleology to the Alliance Art Gallery’s 2nd Saturday, on October 8th. What, one may ask, is “Doodleology”? For Becky, it began when being an at-home mom and yoga teacher collided with her professional training and passion for art. Having two energetic sons meant finding a more portable art form than easels and open tubes of paint.

Becky Evans earned her Bachelor of Arts in art and art history from the University of Iowa. Painting, drawing, sculpting, crocheting, quilting, and photography have found roots in her spare-room studio. But one thing often seemed missing: time.

The basic concept of “Zentangles”—taking a pattern and repeating it to form a design—appealed to her. After all, she was a childhood doodler who scribbled in the margins of notebooks and telephone directories. But whereas anyone can practice Zentangling or take classes from a certified instructor, using pencil to add depth, Becky’s Doodleology uses elements of design including texture, space, form, and occasionally color. Developing her own style and technique, she eventually called it Doodleology.

As Becky explains, “I didn’t need space—just a 5 x 7 notepad. I could doodle in front of the TV or watching my kids.” Over time, she challenged herself to create bigger and bigger pieces. “I use a pattern and build it up. Ink smears (mistakes) can be turned into something else.” She admits, “As an artist, I tend to want to control my medium and Doodleology gives me a way … it’s pretty black and white. If something doesn’t work, I can add to it or change direction. It can be a happy accident.”

Whereas Zentangles, promotes the goal of calming the mind, Becky, being a busy person, doesn’t always seek inner peace with her ink-based medium. But it’s the perfect art form for a busy mother right now.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 8 from 5 until 8:00. This reception is open and free to the public.