Spotlight on Cindy Logan

Our featured member artist, Cindy Logan, is a perfect match for Drift and Clay because she too immerses herself in a swirling world of color, using every medium imaginable.

A Texas girl, Cindy “discovered” she had talent when her 2nd grade teacher submitted her tempura painting to a Ft. Worth competition; it got selected for a European tour (and she never saw it again). Cindy attended William Woods College in Fulton, focusing on art, English, and education because her grandmother always told her she had talent, but to “take education too so you can fall back on that.” Cindy later earned a master’s at Webster University. She not only creates art, she teaches it and supports the arts by being active in several organizations, including holding office in the Raintree Arts Council.

She brings a soft impressionistic touch to her pastel work, often focusing on scenes from nature. She skillfully instills an emerald burst of color into a spring day, a shimmering glow of sun on a rippling woodland stream, an invitation to walk down an abandoned dirt farm road. She draws the viewer into the heart of the scene through a cornucopia of color.

She acknowledges that she likes pastels: “They are quick and fast. I don’t like the mess but I like the look of it.” Lately she’s working with colored pencils with acrylic ink on top of it, which has garnered her ribbons at the State Fair for two years running.

Being a teacher of private and public classes, she has honed her skills in all mediums, from pen and ink to acrylic, from realistic to impressionistic, from portrait to animal to nature scenes. As she notes, “You learn when your students learn. You see things you haven’t seen.” Not daunted by size, Cindy has created two murals for Louisiana, Missouri, the largest of which encompasses the pre-1900 Louisiana churches into one majestic scene on the corner of Tennessee and 6th.

An opening reception will be held Saturday, November 12th, from 5:00 until 8:00 PM. One of Cindy’s pieces of art will be given away in a free drawing held at 6:00. This reception coincides with Hannibal’s Second Saturday Gallery Night.