Fun, Fresh, Fantastic...Guest Artist Sarah Little

by Bella Erakko

Shibori is not a word you’re likely to hear on the street corners of Hannibal. But Sarah Little, featured artist for Alliance Art Gallery’s November 10th Second Saturday, will take you into an amazing world of patterns and abstractions. A Japanese-based technique of tie-dying fabric, Sarah explains, “Actually, it is a folding and painting technique, almost like origami, like accordion folds and triangles. You tie and clamp really tightly so that certain parts of the fabric resist the dye.”

The result? Stunning patterns that seem to hover somewhere between nature-based reality and sheer imagination. “I like a lot of blues right now for my Shibori pieces, but I use a warmer palette for my acrylics.”

Even though she may change her medium from dye to acrylics and gouache, the striking pattern motif continues radiating out with that mysteriously attractive juxtaposition of reality to imagination.

”I just have a very expansive interior world.” Sarah takes that imagination with her into nature, seeing patterns most people miss. “I like nature. Patterns. Not necessarily that you would see or be able to recognize as an animal or plant or flower in my art, but it’s there for me.”

“I have always been an artist.” Even as a young child, whenever asked what she wanted to be, she’d confidently pronounce, “an artist.” Growing up in a family with a mix of science, architecture, and music, she now combines art with mothering her young daughter, who is already showcasing Picasso possibilities. Sarah Little plans to bring a wonderful range of art to the Gallery ranging from her acrylics to framed Shibori pieces and drawstring purses.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 10 from 5 until 8.