April Spotlight on Kimberly Shinn

by Bella Erakko

Kim admits, "It seems like I have been drawing all my life. The Missouri farming community that I grew up in was my subject matter. My inspiration still comes from the beauty that surrounds me, be it an awesome sunset, as old barn in a field, or a favorite animal."

She attracts commissions the way honey attracts bees. Two years ago, she attracted me. I came home one day to find my beloved corgi lying belly-up on my upholstered chair, having successfully ripped open a box of British tea, strewing teabags all over the chair and floor. I asked Kim to capture the essence-of-guilt in a corgi. Using her favorite medium, pencil and graphite, she actually made Brianna look … abashed (yet corgi-ish innocent).

While she began working in color in her thirties because of commission requests, this past year, she made a decision: “I decided to return to pencil and graphite. Drawing just comes naturally to me. I try to do what I love, so I went back to drawing.”

Perhaps she is an art-inspired animal whisperer. She recently submitted her drawing of a donkey, in competition against several thousand entries, and was one of about 200 chosen for publication in “Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing” edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 14, from 5 until 8.