Scenes from life: Tim Judge, September Guest Artist

by Bella Erakko

When Tim Judge, Alliance Art Gallery’s featured September guest artist, brought finished kindergarten coloring book art home to Mom, she—like millions of moms—suggested he stay within the lines. Looking back, he realized she “pushed me to take time and observe closely. I still do that today.” But time to actually create art didn’t really open up until he retired in 2015. Then the sluiceways opened. He went through sketching, charcoal, and acrylic phases before settling on oil. “It’s more forgiving,” he admits. “If you make a mistake you wipe it off. Acrylics dry too fast.”

Melding talent with the vast resources of the Internet has paved the way for Judge to increase his skill and repertoire. “I look to see what’s interesting. I gravitate to sunny scenes with good shadows and color.”

Those who follow him say quite simply that his art “makes them happy.” Scenes from life—youngsters at a beach, a cattle drive with cowboys, a game of chess, classic autos, two men drinking in an old Irish bar—evoke a sense of contentment. Bathed in the warm glow of oils and rich brilliant color, Judge’s art has found its way into many viewer’s hearts.

Lately, his commissioned work is growing. “What’s your all-time favorite dream car?” For one man, it’s the ’58 Chevy, for another, a ’79 truck—nostalgic links to their past. He brings that same radiant color to canvas whether it’s a beloved dog, a memory of a ballerina, a farmyard. He has his Hannibal scenes too: the trolley, ice cream parlor, Wine Stoppe.

Each oil painting, once dry, receives a coating of varnish, usually semi-gloss. This adds to the luster of the colors and, he hopes, preserves the painting beneath. From crayon to oil, Tim Judge has held to his mother’s underlying admonition—to observe and record “within the lines” the beauty of the world.

Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 8 from 5 until 8:00.

Hannibal Trolley 1.jpg
In the Golden Hour.JPG
Hannibal Wine Stoppe.JPG