Dennis Babbitt

Dennis Babbitt primarily paints the landscape.  His decision to pursue the landscape goes back many years ago to the desire to see the beauty and calm that surrounds each of us.

Dennis received his BFA in Printmaking from Missouri State University in 1975.  Over the years he has continued to expand and explore his repertoire, taking workshops in oil and pastel.

Currently, he work in oils, pastels, watercolor and various printmaking processes. His art is influenced by the work of the Hudson River school, California and Pennsylvania Impressionist schools and specific artists such as Skip Whitcomb, Sam Hyde Harris, Percy Grey and others. On any given weekend he can be found outdoors, with his paints and a canvas in hand, capturing the the magnificent scenes around him.

His efforts have been rewarded and awarded throughout the region.

In addition to the Alliance Art Gallery, Dennis's work is available at Art House in Fulton, Missouri.  You can view more of his work online at his website at