Howard Kuo

Open the gate and step into the magical world of Howard Kuo. In Kuo's brightly colored, fanciful watercolors a story symbolizing fantasy and imagination often emerges.  Acknowledging both masters and contemporary artists in his work,  Kuo, a self taught artist, will have his work exhibited at the Alliance Art Gallery this month as the Guest Artist for August. 

Kuo began his own exploration into art by drawing pictures for his children to color.  As his children grew, they requested pictures that told a story and Kuo responded with detailed drawings with reoccurring themes of castles and magic.  Kuo began incorporating his drawings into watercolor and ink.  He has been painting and drawing ever since, often working on several pieces at once.  Kuo says he likes to tell stories and his paintings often begin with a story from his imagination.  The works periodically include images of his children and grandchildren and often reflect a moral. 

Kuo, a retired Physical Therapist, was born in Manchuria and has lived in Hannibal for the past 26 years.  His work has been displayed at the Quincy Art Gallery and at John Wood Community College. He has been a guest speaker and lecturer on Taiwan at JWCC.   His future plans are to continue painting pieces in his colorful style that will offer both magic and inspiration to all.

This exhibit will open Saturday, August 9, with a reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will run through September 7.  The opening coincides with the Second Saturday Gallery night, where local artists meet with the public to show and discuss their current work.  A free drawing will be held at 6 p.m. for a piece of art work by Toto Foster Rendlen.