J. Barry Wright

J. Barry Wright masterfully combines the reality of photography and a selective focus of imagination to illuminate the beauty in everyday objects.  The result is a body of work that celebrates repetition of forms and combination of colors, transforming the familiar into the fantastic.

Wright was born and raised in the Midwest, started school in New Mexico, graduated from high school in Minnesota, then attended college in Kansas. He received his first camera at the age of ten and immediately fell in love with the art of photography. “I think that one of the reasons I found photography so appealing was that each image was real and recognizable, a snippet of beauty taken from actual life surroundings (and quite possibly the fact that I couldn't draw to save my life). Wright was a portrait photographer for 21 years, earning a "Master of Photography" degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He hopes you enjoy his interpretation of "real life" and everyday beauty.  We know you will.