Mary Beth St. Clair

Mary Beth St. Clair began designing with beads and metal after she was commissioned to sketch Art Nouveau style designs for jewelry pieces in 1995.  After discovering the endless possibilities of jewelry art, a passion was unleashed, and she wanted to learn all she could.

Mary Beth draws her inspiration for her designs from art, nature, and history.  Some designs reflect the era of Art Nouveau, flowing with graceful lines and romance as well as modern simple asymmetrical or geometric designs.  One may see the beauty of the gemstone, whimsy of the material, or elegance of the composition, but she believes that the true value of a piece of jewelry is the feeling it inspires:  the special relationship between the object of beauty and the wearer.

Mary Beth's pieces range from simple rings to large wearable gallery pieces.  Her self-taught approach allows for a fresh and different, yet practical expectation of her art.