Toto Foster Rendlen

Toto Foster Rendlen was born in New York City, received degrees from Smith College, Stanford University, taught high school, married and moved to Kansas City where she raised four children.  When her "nest emptied", she returned for a Master's Degree in Spiritual Direction form ISL/Loyola University in Chicago.  

After moving to Hannibal in 1979 and at the encouragement of her 2nd husband, Charles Redlen, and Hannah Ingmire, she began painting in 1993.

Descended from a long line of ocean-going New-Englanders, whalers, merchant captains, boat designers and sailors, she has found her beloved childhood "ocean" in the rolling waves of grasses, the enormous sky, and the endless interplay and pattern of wind, clouds, light, shadow, and color.  Her inspiration is the "dirt":  Earth's crust with it's creative energy, fire, it's undulating roll, and incredible productivity that sustains all life.

Toto has always kept sketching journals.  Fifteen years ago she began painting furniture and now focuses on acrylics and pastels, using the bright colors she loves and painting pure pigment with her fingers.  Toto's painted "Songsticks" and "Songline Furniture" reflect an inner song or message, a line of poetry that speaks to her or reflects those for whom she does a piece. Toto finds her spirit fed by painting and encouraging others' creativity with her Re-Creation Workshop/Retreats.

Painting is purely and simply Toto's grateful response to life and visually expresses her hope in a way that she hopes touches others. She has won local awards, sold pieces to purchasers throughout the country, and served as the second director of the Hannibal Arts Council.  She is excited to be among a growing community of fine artists in Hannibal, a vital generous group to enjoy and learn from, and to be represented at the Alliance Art Gallery.